Revolution Slider Fatal Error: Cannot activate Slider Revolution Plugin

Revolution Slider is an awesome plugin but many times can result in fatal error. This error only pops up for few people but there are no official instructions on how to solve it. The developers have given it a deaf ear. However, we were able to solve the Revolution Slider fatal error ...Read More

Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.

If you moved your site to a new server, you might run into the error "Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress." This often happens when you switch to a hosting that used PHP 5.4 and your new host uses PHP 5.5. Here is ...Read More

18 percent GST for PayPal users: GST PayPal India

We have some new news for the Indian paypal users. From October 2nd 2017 onwards, all PayPal Services will attract a GST rate of 18%. Please consult your tax advisors in terms of your eligibility for refunds. So whatever you earn, your payment will be deducted by 18 percent. However, you can ...Read More

Chrome will show security warnings on your domain name

Google has started sending notifications to all the users that make use of input text fields or basically anywhere where the user is inputting the data. This is happening if your site does not have HTTPS. Not everyone can afford HTTPS especially if it is just a blog where you post news. ...Read More

Amazon aStore Retirement Accounced, complete details inside

Amazon is getting rid of Amazon aStore product by October 27th 2017. After this date, the Amazon associates will not have the ability to earn money online from their aStore pages. Once the aStore product is retired, the aStore pages will no longer be accessible and the links to these pages will ...Read More

Amazon Associates May 2017 Deals include Amazon Fire TV Edition Launch, Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Exclusives, Prime Student Bounty Rate Promotion

For the month of May 2017, Amazon USA is sharing new ways for you to earn. This includes promotions and updates for Amazon Music, Amazon Exclusives and Prime Student. We also want to share details on the launch of Amazon Fire TV Edition. So make sure to visit Associates Central to learn ...Read More

Google interstitials penalty: Websites with Mobile Popups will be penalized

Google interstitials penalty is here and we will guide you how to avoid it. Google is now said to be cracking down on those websites that have those annoying, invasive mobile pop-up ads. With mobilegeddon that focused on mobile friendly, Google wanted the website to be not only mobile friendly but also ...Read More

Ask consumers for review, a local SEO tip

It is very important for a business to have great online reputation these days. People often check into the listing of the place they are about to visit to judge if the place is worth going or not. For instance, Google business listing is incredibly helpful when going to a particular place ...Read More

Equlisation Levy Imposed by Government of India on Adwords etc

If you use Google Adwords to promote your online business, you might have received this email about Equalisation Levy. This is to inform you that as per the Notification No. 37/ 2016: F.No. 370142/12/2016-TPL dated 27 May 2016 read with Finance Act, 2016, Government of India has levied an ‘Equalisation Levy’ on ...Read More

Difference between adaptive, mobile friendly and responsive websites

Thanks to google mobilegeddon, a lot of websites on the internet made themselves mobile friendly. But what is the difference between mobile friendly, responsive and adaptive website design? Mobile friendly sites are not designed for mobile device but there are a completely different version of site that work on different devices. But ...Read More