Equlisation Levy Imposed by Government of India on Adwords etc

If you use Google Adwords to promote your online business, you might have received this email about Equalisation Levy. This is to inform you that as per the Notification No. 37/ 2016: F.No. 370142/12/2016-TPL dated 27 May 2016 read with Finance Act, 2016, Government of India has levied an ‘Equalisation Levy’ on ...Read More

Difference between adaptive, mobile friendly and responsive websites

Thanks to google mobilegeddon, a lot of websites on the internet made themselves mobile friendly. But what is the difference between mobile friendly, responsive and adaptive website design? Mobile friendly sites are not designed for mobile device but there are a completely different version of site that work on different devices. But ...Read More

Google Pagerank is dead: Pagerank is 0 for all sites

Google Pagerank of all sites on the Internet is now 0 – officially and good riddance – as most of the webmasters are saying. PageRank gave bird to link selling and sites that just used their pagerank to earn lot of bucks. Those are now all dead. ...Read More

Solution for WordPress: Googlebot cannot access CSS and JS files; Webmaster

Google is now pushing a new warning via Google Webmaster panel that Googlebot is unable to access CSS and JavaScript files on your website. This is chiefly because the robots.txt file doesn’t give access to the Google that helps the search engine understand the layout of the website so that it too, ...Read More

Webmaster: Markup on some pages on this site appears to use techniques such as marketing up content

You might have received this in your Webmaster area, “Markup on some pages on this site appears to use techniques such as marketing up content that is invisible to users, marking up irrelevant or misleading content, and/or other manipulative behavior that violates Google’s Rich Snippet Quality guidelines. “ This is a manual ...Read More

Redirects to Vindicosuite.com and its Solution

You are here because you have a blog where certain links have links pointed to x.vindicosuite.com. Fret not, your site’s data base is completely safe and it has not been hacked. However, you will need to remove something from your website – sitemeter code. What I learnt that Sitemeter, a tracking site ...Read More

Best Semi-Dedicated hosting with Cpanel when you are hitting CPU limits

If you are looking for a shared semi-dedicated hosting with Cpanel with a little bit more resources then we are here to here to help. Like you my client was sick of VPS server crap where he had to manage everything and set up where he had no idea. He was not ...Read More

Webmaster notification: Thin Content with little or no added value penalty

It has been a while since we reported anything related to Webmaster Tools but now the search engine giant is issuing mass manual actions that says Thin content with little or no added value. It further adds, “This site appears to contain a significant percentage of low quality or shallow pages which ...Read More

Emoji added by Expedia to Title Tags

Here are some additional SEO marketing tips. Add Emojis to your title tags to grab attention of people. Expedia is currently testing Emoji characters to some of their title tags in a hope to capture user’s attention and of course higher click through rate. Here is a search screenshot of Cape Canaveral ...Read More

Google Authorship 2015 update, it is dead

Google has officially ended authorship mark up and has announced they are no longer going to take authorship data into consideration while displaying search results. The reason behind killing Google Authorship is due to lack of adoption of authorship tagging by publishers and authors. The adoption rate was very bad.  Not only ...Read More