Ask consumers for review, a local SEO tip

It is very important for a business to have great online reputation these days. People often check into the listing of the place they are about to visit to judge if the place is worth going or not. For instance, Google business listing is incredibly helpful when going to a particular place and it even includes 360 degree and normal pictures of the place – all captured by real people.

local SEO tip

Let us take an example – you are in Italy and you are looking to buy a nice cheap laptop for yourself. The best thing to do in this case is asking the hotel staff to give you few places where you can find the best and cheapest laptops in Italy and then do a Google search to check their reviews online. If a laptop vendor has complaints or do not have adequate laptop models, you are more likely to find that in a review.

According to an online survey that consisted of 1000 people, it was revealed that 90-percent of consumers read 10 or less reviews before they can trust a business. Mere 32 percent form an opinion by reading 1-3 reviews so it is essential that your business has atleast 15-20 reviews to install enough confidence in the end user.

It was also said in the online survey that 70 percent of the consumers will leave a review when asked. This will also help the business getting more positive reviews. That does not mean you won’t get negative ones but if you are handling your customers well, you will get more positive than negative. This also keeps the reviews relevant as people trust latest reviews more than old reviews. This shows the current situation of the business place.

It is not necessary that if the place was excellent two years back, it will be great now as well. That is one business owners ought not to be scared of asking people for leaving a review. They should see this as an opportunity to know their customer well. Keep in mind that around 60 percent put the maximum weight on your business rating and this is an important factor.

Posted on November 26, 2016

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