Best Semi-Dedicated hosting with Cpanel when you are hitting CPU limits

If you are looking for a shared semi-dedicated hosting with Cpanel with a little bit more resources then we are here to here to help. Like you my client was sick of VPS server crap where he had to manage everything and set up where he had no idea. He was not even able to get the basic scripts to work. You, like him do not want a bare bone server where user has only access to the SSH server.

Semi-Dedicated hosting with Cpanel

The worst semi dedicated hosting providers

The worst one is the Hawkhost shared website hosting that gives you 1 CPU core / 1GB RAM. There is an option to get one with 2 CPUs but you are restrained by mere 1GB RAM so it is pointless.

Next one to totally avoid is Hostgator hosting. They are #1 on my worst semi-dedicated list. Just avoid them – their support is very unhelpful and they simply would not ever admit their mistakes.

The best ones enterprise hosting gives you two full CPU cores, 5GB RAM, SSD for disk storage – all for 20 dollars a month with Cpanel. However do not that you cannot use all of that 5GB RAM since a shared or reseller account means that RAM is going to be shared amongst many. Most sites work on just 1 gigabyte of memory and many need less.

One thing to keep in mind  – if you are hitting CPU limits, your RAM utilization shoots up as slower processing which means requests sit in the pipeline for longer duration.

Posted on May 25, 2015

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