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Green star reviews spotted in Google search results

Google is said to be doing more experiments with the colors of the stars in their search engine. Usually we see orange colored stars next the links of sites that are making use of rich snippets but it appears that Google is currently testing different colors. A Google spokes person has told ...Read More

Top Adsense Earners In India

For myriad blokes, Internet has become a primary source of making money online. If you are here, you are curious how much money is earned by the top adsense earners in India. So, how were they able to make it happen? Well, they worked very hard everyday and of course, had a ...Read More

Hostgator Review – Worst Hosting Provider Ever

It has been four years since I have been hosting all of my sites on Hostgator. Back then, it was a pretty well regarded company. Down time was non-exsistent and the tech support was super quick and knowledgeable. They used to answer my tickets within minutes. Now, it takes them days. The ...Read More

Find the Best Broadband Service

People want to get connected at a super fast rate but sometimes, they do not have the capability to do it correctly. Call it due to budget constraints and myriad other things, getting higher Internet speeds with faster download times can be challenging sometimes. Finding the best broadband service is like finding the ...Read More