CPU Review Helps you Find Specs and Benchmarks of Processors

Shopping for the best CPU to grace your computer can be quite daunting, especially if you want to know the minor, but important differences between the model versions. CPU review wants to make that into painless process, and it does that by its easy-to-browse website, and reviews of almost all processor units available in the market.

This old looking website reflects the simplicity of the tools available to you. On the front page as-well-as every other page, you will find a search section, where you can key in whole or even a part of processor name, and the CPU review’s robust search engine will find the unit for you.


To compare the performance of CPUs, let us say, Core i3-2120 and Core i3-3110M, all you need to compare is their score. Higher the score, faster the CPU – simple. While CPU review site is not 100 percent perfect yet, the owner of the site, is working to make corrections and improve the site everyday. For now, head over the CPU review to have a look.

Posted on December 12, 2013

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