Duo in Expansion Projects

This thriving mini-town used to be a baron and desolate village where only the residents would choose to live in. Its small and poorly developed area had no facilities for medical treatment and the water was undrinkable. The conditions were corrupt, causing sickness within the small community and the nearest clean water was over a mile away. The duos responsible for this turnaround are Jennifer Abubakar Abena and Magudo Abubakar Abena.

The pair—a father and daughter team, 30 and 54 years old—have worked relentlessly over the last two years to raise funds for improvements. To date, their total is over $1,000 and donations are still being made. A new hospital—named in honour of the pair—has been up and running for a year now and the water treatment facility that they installed has brought fresh, clean water to the village. This, in turn, has inspired other new residents to begin migrating from their under developed villages to this one. In the last year, the local population has grown from a mere eighty residents to over two-hundred and there are new homes being built to house the incomers, as well as many of the current residents. Eventually, the older huts will be demolished and replaced by concrete or brick structured homes. This tiny little village has now become a thriving mini-town. Shops are being opened and a new tarmac road through the center of town is also in the planning stages—turning it into a main center for shopping and economic growth. “This has been the most exciting time of my life.

My father and I have worked extremely hard to make this work and the kind generosity of people from all over the world has made this possible. The hospital is now so popular that we are adding a new section and we have purchased a car to transport people for further away. The water cleansing facility has made a big impact on the health of the villagers and the school has more than 250 pupils—an amount we never could have foreseen. We are no longer a corrupt society here and we intend to wipe out corruption totally.” said Jennifer Abubakar Abena.

Posted on September 24, 2011

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