Google Pagerank is dead: Pagerank is 0 for all sites

Google Pagerank of all sites on the Internet is now 0 – officially and good riddance – as most of the webmasters are saying. PageRank gave bird to link selling and sites that just used their pagerank to earn lot of bucks. Those are now all dead.

Google Pagerank is dead

For those who do not know about Pagerank, it was a numeric rating on how important a page was. So bigger sites like had pagerank 9, was pagerank 8 and had pagerank 9 as well.

Pagerank was last updated by Google in december 2013 and since then we had heard many times from Google about scrapping the pagerank but that never happened – until last Friday, April 15 2016 when Google finally pulled the plug from Pagerank Toolbar.

Hopefully death of the Pagerank toolbar will also kill the spammers who used to spam higher ranking sites in hope of link juice. Using this strategy, pages with lower scores were able to beat webpages with higher scores since pagerank was a huge factor.

So what now? Well, start focusing on domain authority, page authority as these are two factors that your SEO clients will ask for.

Posted on April 22, 2016

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