How to build links for E-Commerce websites?

We have interviewed owners of many e-commerce websites and have made quite a few observations about how to make links for such sites. We will try to keep this post as short as possible but you still might want to grab a cup of coffee while you read on how to build links for E-Commerce websites.

How to build links for E-Commerce websites

1. Adding blog and anticipating links

Many say that by setting up a blog to your e-commerce website you will be able to get links easily. Well we have some bad news. Your blog is totally invisible to the rest of the world unless you publicize it in a big way. Also do we really need a 400 word blog post about basketball that I am buying for my child? Everybody knows that it is a basketball and you throw it into the basket. That’s it.

However if you really need links, write about interesting events and about other businesses. If you write about them and give links to them, you too will receive the same in return.

2. Create a Facebook Page and telling everyone to like it

Well you know how Facebook works these days. You tell everyone you meet on the street to like your page. Here is how you do it like a pro – you do not tell them to like your Facebook page. Instead ask them to enter the content you are hosting on FB and let them win something great.

3. Backlink building based on algorithm

It is very important to diversify your backlink profile. Get links from same niche sites even if they are dofollow links as even they are important to keep your backlink profile as natural as possible. Offering students discounts can get you links from edu domains. Also make links to promote your site not to increase page rank.

Try get links by getting chamber of commerce membership and from clubs and societies.

4. Checking out link building guides
We have found the best link building guides from the Internet and put them in a small place. Believe us if you check even a few out of them, you would do just fine in building links for your e-commerce site.

  1. Ecommerce SEO Case Study: White Hat Link Building (backlinko)
  2. Creative Link Building for Ecommerce Sites (MOZ)
  3. 50 Actionable Ways To Build Links To Your Ecommerce Store(BootstrappingEcom)
  4. E-commerce Link Building Strategies – Linkarati (linkarati)
  5. How to Build Links to Your Ecommerce Site (QuickSprout)
  6. Overlooked Link Building Opportunities for Ecommerce(PointBlank SEO)
  7. Untapped Link Building Techniques for Ecommerce Sites(Ecommerce rules)
  8. 6 Cool Link Building Tips for E-Commerce Site (Optimize)
  9. Ecommerce Link Building (Buzzsteam)
  10. Linkbuilding: how to create links for your e-commerce(Screenpages)
  11. 7 Unusual Link Building Tactics for Ecommerce Sites (SEJ)
  12. 5 Top Link Building Strategies for Ecommerce Websites(Volusion)
  13. Easy Link Building for E-Commerce (SEER Interactive)
  14. Link Building & SEO strategies for e-commerce (State of Digital)

Posted on September 30, 2014

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