Importance and Types of Cooling Equipments

Refrigeration (cooling) equipment is an essential part of our industries, research organizations and households, including regular. Cooling equipment is very important in hospitals and the food industry, and is the backbone of the research center and storage of blood, where preservation is the key to success. The blood bank refrigerators have refrigeration, used to store blood components, plasma and other cells for routine use in hospitals and research centres. Standard blood bank refrigerators offer a range of optimal cooling to 2 ° C to 4 ° C, which effectively protects the whole blood for 35 days and separated red blood cells in suspension for about 42 days. However, for prolonged storage, which must be stored at temperatures below freezing along a preservative to protect the art structure and composition of the cells.

The blood bank refrigerators use microprocessors to control the actual temperature and the LCD screen to allow constant monitoring of temperature. Burial chambers are used in refrigerators and morgues for storing bodies and protect them from rot and decay. The burial chambers to allow the storage body, is in a range of positive temperature 2 ° C to 4 ° C or a temperature range of negative -10 ° C to -50 ° C. The positive temperature range is used only for short term storage that decomposition cannot be delayed and did not stop at these temperatures. When the organs are necessary for identification or forensics, typically stored at temperatures below freezing to prevent decomposition of the body. The burial chambers are available in different sizes and capacities, and can also be designed according to customer specifications. Most models are available with a freight car that helps clean the rooms and maintaining a hygienic environment. The blood bank refrigerators and burial chambers generally use the PUF insulation to increase thermal efficiency and CFC-free refrigeration to avoid unnecessary fluctuations in temperature. Chambers of high quality label of rubber on the doors actually inside the storage chamber from the outside to prevent contamination and excessive heat.

These refrigeration equipment using high strength stainless steel and corrosion-free surfaces and powder coated or painted steel or aluminum outer surfaces. The microprocessor controls based programmable enable the user to change the temperature according to requirement. Most blood bank refrigerators and burial chambers using fluorescent lighting and a lighting system of the drive door.

Posted on July 3, 2012

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