Increase in not followed pages in Google Webmaster Notification

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Increase in not followed pages notification that pops as message in Google Webmaster

One of our clients got this notification in their webmaster message center. Few days back, our designing company, had changed their design and within 8 days from its installation, this message popped up.


We were baffled at first, as we never had received any crawl errors for any of the sites we’ve ever worked on. Anyway, when I clicked on the crawl errors link shown in the above screenshot, I found that all the pages listed were feed pages, which had /feed at the end, and for some reason, that page was not shown.

What is the solution?

Just install the Yoast SEO wordpress plugin. You can search it in the plugins section of your wordpress admin area, or you can get it from here

After installation, go to “Titles and Metas” and clean up

On this page, tick all 4 check boxes in the “Clean up the <head>” section. This means, check “hide RSD links”, WLW Manifest Links, Shortlink for posts and RSS links.

That is it. Go into webmasters and delete all the pages shown in the crawl errors page.

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Posted on February 8, 2014

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  • SAiNT

    could really appreciate a deeper explanation of this problem, not everybody uses wordpress.