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Google Pagerank is dead: Pagerank is 0 for all sites

Google Pagerank of all sites on the Internet is now 0 – officially and good riddance – as most of the webmasters are saying. PageRank gave bird to link selling and sites that just used their pagerank to earn lot of bucks. Those are now all dead. ...Read More

PR Update December 2013

Google has updated its toolbar and it is now showing updated pageranks, a k a PR. Earlier, people and bloggers were saying that Google toolbar got broken, and the search engine giant will not be updating the PR anymore. ...Read More

How To Boost Page Rank For Your Site Fast

If you’re a webmaster or a blogger then you know the value of having a high page rank for your website. Google is the world’s leading search engine and it has developed a ranking system of its very own to determine where sites fall in the search results by taking certain things ...Read More