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Ask consumers for review, a local SEO tip

It is very important for a business to have great online reputation these days. People often check into the listing of the place they are about to visit to judge if the place is worth going or not. For instance, Google business listing is incredibly helpful when going to a particular place ...Read More

Webmaster notification: Thin Content with little or no added value penalty

It has been a while since we reported anything related to Webmaster Tools but now the search engine giant is issuing mass manual actions that says Thin content with little or no added value. It further adds, “This site appears to contain a significant percentage of low quality or shallow pages which ...Read More

Top Adsense Earners In India

For myriad blokes, Internet has become a primary source of making money online. If you are here, you are curious how much money is earned by the top adsense earners in India. So, how were they able to make it happen? Well, they worked very hard everyday and of course, had a ...Read More

The Inquirer tells users to click on their ads

The computer blog theinquirer is quite popular among tech-lovers but I am not an avid reader of it. I prefer visit more influential blogs like Engadget and TheVerge for tech news. Today I was searching for how Microsoft’s Cortana beat the Siri and landed on this theinquirer page. While the article is ...Read More

Increase in not followed pages in Google Webmaster Notification

This help will you how to deal with Increase in not followed pages notification that pops as message in Google Webmaster One of our clients got this notification in their webmaster message center. Few days back, our designing company, doctor-wordpress.com had changed their design and within 8 days from its installation, this ...Read More