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Difference between adaptive, mobile friendly and responsive websites

Thanks to google mobilegeddon, a lot of websites on the internet made themselves mobile friendly. But what is the difference between mobile friendly, responsive and adaptive website design? Mobile friendly sites are not designed for mobile device but there are a completely different version of site that work on different devices. But ...Read More

Top Adsense Earners In India

For myriad blokes, Internet has become a primary source of making money online. If you are here, you are curious how much money is earned by the top adsense earners in India. So, how were they able to make it happen? Well, they worked very hard everyday and of course, had a ...Read More

Increase in not followed pages in Google Webmaster Notification

This help will you how to deal with Increase in not followed pages notification that pops as message in Google Webmaster One of our clients got this notification in their webmaster message center. Few days back, our designing company, doctor-wordpress.com had changed their design and within 8 days from its installation, this ...Read More

WordPress Error: Cannot redeclare check_password_reset_key

If you recently upgraded to WordPress 3.7.x, you might run into this error. It happened to my client’s site too, but I was able to fix it in about 15 minutes. This is what I did to fix it. ...Read More

Dynamic Keyword Insertion Service for Your Best SEO Strategy

People who are dealing with the matter of SEO strategy to increase the traffic of their websites and blogs will definitely also deal with the matter of articles. Yes, indeed, the articles will contain some keywords that will determine the good of the websites or blogs that contain the articles. And sometimes, ...Read More

Learn What Checks Should Be Done Before A Launching A Website

Developing a website that your specified market will like is not only about throwing something together and then letting them see it without improving it. If you really desire to be seen as a professional by your visitors, then you should make sure that everything is up to par before your website ...Read More

Business Consulting – How To Start A Web Business And Make Money Online

When you are contemplating starting an online business, this informative article is for you personally. Commencing an on-line business will not be a straightforward activity. It does involve plenty of ways. Some of the ways involved are: - Market investigation - Specialized niche exploration - Item development - Gross sales letter development - Pricing ...Read More