Unnatural Outbound Link Penalty Solution

So, you just got an unnatural link penalty from Google because you have been linking to gambling, shopping and similar websites? Or you were just passing juice to your friend’s / partner’s website. Anyway, this post will explain how to get in good books of Google again.

This is how the unnatural outbound link penalty email looks like in the Webmasters.


No follow all of your paid links on the homepage of your website. Be honest with yourself, and no follow all the paid links. You can use an add-on like SEOquake that helps in finding nofollow links.


Make a document in Google Drive with the list of links that you have No Followed. Make sure you have set the file’s visibility to public.


Now, it is time to file a reconsideration request. Use this as template.


I received a message from you about a penalty for unnatural outbound links from my site. I have nofollowed all suspicious links, which can be seen in this document.

(your document link goes here)

Please remove the penalty.

(Your Name)

Allow Google to manually check your site. This will take 3-4 days. If they do not remove the unnatural outbound link penalty, you should consider nofollowing / removing external links from homepage even if they are not paid.

After few days, you will get your pagerank + traffic back! Congrats, you did it.

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Posted on July 31, 2013

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